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In addition to our consulting services, we offer bilingual on-site training. Did you know that one of the most frequently cited OSHA violations is Hazard Communication 1910.1200?

Arizona Lean Manufacturing Consultans offers the following affordable training:

Safety Lean / Six Sigma
  • Hazard Communication 1910.1200
  • 5S organization - a place for everything and everything in it's place
  • Lock-out / Tag-out 1910.147
  • Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt
  • Blood Borne Pathogen 1910.1030
  • Error Proofing
  • Forklift 1910.178
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Scissor List 1926.453
  • One-Piece-Flow
  • Fall Protection 1926.501
  • Visual Factory
Many others - contact us for more details Many others - contact us for details

Email us today for a training or consulting plan to fit your needs info@leanmfgconsultants.com
Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Lean Manufacturing


Lean Manufacturing Consultants



Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Visual Factory Management


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Error Proofing


Lean Manufacturing Consultants



Lean Manufacturing Consultants



Lean Manufacturing Consultants

On Time Delivery


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Inventory Control


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Scrap Reduction


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Time Studies


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Value Stream Mapping


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Visual Work Instruction


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Standard Operating Procedures


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Job Descriptions


Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Key Performance Indicators


Lean Manufacturing Consultants



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Guaranteed Results

Your team is great, but needs some help. We help you develop your team, training, mentoring and leading by example.

Our small team of Industrial Engineers will show up in blue jeans. They will be very hands on and spend most of their time on the shop floor training and helping with process improvement.

We specialize in production workflow improvements, 5S organizational systems and developing key performance indicators to help your team sustain the process improvements.

Many consultants will give you an action plan and then when it fails, they say that you did not properly follow the plan. We roll up our sleeves and work side by side, with your team, we do not move to the next phase until we accomplish zero excuse results.

Can I afford a consultant?

Absolutely, the cost will be zero and will pay dividends, once you see the return on investment.

Even if you do not feel like you need help, call us anyway, it will not cost anything for a discussion. If you see value, hire us, If not, you have no obligation.

We will be able to provide an estimate of the ROI in the first few days of consultation.

We can help with all process improvement projects.

We do not tell you how to build your product.

You are the expert! And we don't insult you by telling you how to design your product. We focus on improving the manufacturing process.

After we accomplish the stated goals, we will provide systems for measuring employee performance so that you can hold employees accountable and achieve sustainability and maximum performance.

Why do I need a consultant?

  • Sometimes you need an outside critical eye to solve problems.
  • You have one of the following issues:
    • Safety problems
    • Quality problems
    • Labor efficiency problems
    • On-Time delivery problems
    • Current staff, unwilling to train others.
    • Housekeeping problems
    • Inventory problems

We look for opportunities through the elimination of the seven wastes in manufacturing.

The seven wastes of manufacturing

1. Overproduction
2. Waiting
3. Transportation
4. Excess Motion
5. Excess Inventory
6. Defects
7. Unused Talent

It's the little things...

...that make all the difference. You know, the little details we all take for granted but if taken away feel like a massive gap?

We're dedicated to our work and truly love what we do. The ultimate reward for us is to see our clients succeed.

Process Improvement




Arizona Lean Manufacturing Consultants


Phoenix, AZ.








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